VTT E9X  E8X Line Lock kits

VTT E9X E8X Line Lock kits

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Need a better way to warm your tires for a race other than foot braking? VTT has the solution for you.

This line lock kit utilizes two solenoids to lock your front brakes, allowing you to do a perfect burnout every single time! Whether you're warming up your tires for the drag strip or just trying to impress your buddies and look cool, the Vargas Turbo Line Lock Kit is just what you need. The kit includes:

  • 2  line lock solenoids
  • 2 custom mounting brackets for durability
  • 2 sets of DOT-approved stainless brake lines
  • Parker steel fittings
  • Safety rocker switch

All wiring is included, along with detailed instructions to make your installation easier.

VTT reminds you that this kit is intended for off-road use only. Please punish your rear tires responsibly.